Why is Digital Dentistry at integratedDENTAL Better?

Choosing a digitally advanced dental office improves your treatment experience and results for many reasons:

  • Digital workflows cut down on the number of treatment steps so patients have fewer and shorter appointments.
  • Using CAD/CAM digital technology to manufacture restorations dramatically reduced production costs, a savings which is passed onto our patients
  • Digital scanning has been shown to be much more precise and accurate than traditional dental procedures so the final results are better fitting
  • Digital scanning allows for more control and communication with the lab, so the end result is a gorgeous smile you know you will love
  • Digital pre-surgical implant planning ensures your implant is placed in a site that is ideal for the final restoration while avoiding any important anatomical landmarks
  • The end results is a safer, more predictable treatment outcome
  • Digital impressions are painless, radiation-free, quick, highly accurate, and eliminate the need for ill-tasting materials
  • We digitally scan all our new patients to keep a permanent, non-distortable file of their mouth which we can always refer back to in the future. This type of monitoring is helpful for orthodontic cases to see how teeth shift with time, for TMJ cases to see tooth wear patterns with time, as well as assessing cosmetic changes with time
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