State-Of-The-Art Means Exceptional Patient Care

Our state-of-the-art facility was recently featured in Sidekick Magazine. Comprised of:

  • integratedDENTAL, our digitally advanced dental office
  • Jurim Dental Studio, our CAD/CAM dental laboratory, and
  • Jurim Dental Academy, a continuing education facility dedicated to the instruction of digital dentistry, our facility is unlike any other.

Dentists come from around the globe to visit our facility and see how we have revolutionized the practice of dentistry. Our model ensures we truly can provide the most comprehensive, digitally advanced treatments comfortably and conveniently all under one roof.

With our digital impressioning technologies and 3D scanning machines, we offer the most cutting-edge, minimally invasive digital dental treatments in the world for optimal results. Our team of highly skilled clinicians collaborates with on-site lab technicians to successfully provide all treatments under one roof. We control every aspect of your treatment, eliminating having to “send work out”, greatly improving communications between everyone on the restorative team. Our combined commitment to exceptional specialized care and advanced technology gives patients the best possible treatment experience.

Treatment has never been more convenient than with our digital office and CAD/CAM dental laboratory sharing the same location. Patients can personally consult with our on-site team of lab technicians to ensure that the artists designing their smiles fully understand their aesthetic goals.

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