As a singer and performer, Ashley’s smile was critical to her confidence and career. She had taken the first steps needed to fix her smile by undergoing Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth. But once that was completed, Ashley could not help but fixate on her two front teeth that were still chipped. She knew that without having them cosmetically repaired, her smile would never look perfect and would throw off her entire look. That’s when Ashley came to see the doctor’s at integratedDENTAL.


The first thing one notices when they meet Ashley is just how beautiful she is. And as cosmetic specialists, Drs. Jurim immediately knew what a dramatic enhancement a smile makeover would make. To complete their cosmetic analysis and diagnosis, Drs. Jurim did a thorough dental exam, made diagnostic digital impressions of her teeth, and obtained a comprehensive photographic profile. Ashley was presented with different options to restore her smile, and she chose to whiten her teeth and focus on fixing her two front teeth.


Ashley’s cosmetic dental treatment was minimally invasive and accomplished in a short amount of time. Her initial treatment visit consisted of bleaching her teeth to a whiter shade she was happy with. Ashley then had three visits to fix her two front teeth with porcelain veneers.


The most challenging cosmetic cases in dentistry are those where one or two teeth are being restored to match a patient’s natural dentition. The results of Ashley’s cosmetic smile makeover were so natural and seamless that it’s impossible to tell she even had any work done. Ashley loved her new smile and couldn’t wait for her next performance. Improving our patients’ confidence and happiness, that is the goal of every smile makeover completed at integratedDENTAL.


As a father of 3 young girls, Carl had resolved to wait another 10 or so years for his hectic schedule to let up in order to have the time to repair his smile. He had broken some teeth during his “wild years” in college, and his dentist at the time offered the least expensive route of filing down his other teeth to try to get them all somewhat even. The result left Carl with an unaesthetic and uneven smile he has been unhappy about ever since.


Carl, a Maryland resident, had heard through a family friend that treatment could be expedited at integratedDENTAL because of our onsite laboratory. Out of curiosity, he decided to set up a judgement-free consultation to see his options for a smile makeover, and he was thrilled to learn that the doctors at integratedDENTAL could complete his veneer makeover all in one day. With his travel plans arranged by the integratedDENTAL staff, he was able to book a single weekend appointment to best fit his busy work and family schedule to get the smile he so desired now instead of in years to come.


In a single appointment, Carl’s teeth were bleached, prepared and restored with all porcelain veneers. His teeth were designed, milled, and custom finished in our onsite laboratory by Adrian Jurim, MDT, the inventor of the porcelain laminate veneer himself.


Following the completion of Carl’s same-day smile makeover, he couldn’t wait to return home to Maryland to show his family the immediate transformative results. He actually got in the car and drove home that night he was so excited. He had waited years for this day and had avoided waiting many more years by receiving an integratedDENTAL same-day smile makeover, a unique option he was incredibly grateful for.

All It Takes is One Judgement-Free Consultation

Everyone’s condition is different requiring an individualized treatment solution. Schedule a judgement-free, no-obligation consultation with integratedDENTAL to see what personalized treatment options will address your needs.

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