Why Choose Implants?

Serving as THE GOLD STANDARD in modern dentistry, dental implants are the most progressive replacement option to deliver the look, feel and function of natural teeth. If you’re looking to create a younger smile while repairing severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants can make a dramatic improvement. Implants can be used in single or multi-tooth restorations. They are a permanent solution for patients who are missing teeth and would otherwise need dentures. Our team of periodontist and prosthodontist work together to provide comprehensive implant treatment options personalized to each patient’s individual needs. This team approach allows us to provide all implant treatments, from digital planning to surgical placement to restoration, all under one roof.

  • A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth, bridge or denture
  • Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to tooth decay, tooth fracture, periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason
  • Dental implants are an advanced treatment solution for replacing missing and failing teeth that provide many benefits over traditional tooth replacement options that involved bridges and/or dentures. Unlike loose, uncomfortable dentures or bridges that require the support of your natural dentition, dental implant crowns and bridges are preferred because they result in no damage to adjacent teeth, prevent bone loss, can last a lifetime, and improve patients’ quality of life by improving their function and diet.
    • 98% success rate – highest of any dental procedure!
    • Prevents bone loss and gum recession that follows tooth loss
    • Restores proper chewing, allowing for more complete, healthier diet
    • Eliminates the need to prepare adjacent teeth required for conventional bridgework
  • All implants planned and placed at integratedDENTAL as done with digital pre-surgical planning
  • Digital pre-surgical implant planning allows us to predictably and safely place your implants that is ideal for the final restoration all while avoiding important anatomical landmarks, like jaw nerves and other teeth
  • Digital pre-surgical planning also allows us to speed up the treatment timeline, and when indicated, patients can leave same-day with a tooth

  • For patients that have lost a tooth due to decay, fracture, infection, trauma, etc., the single implant is the GOLD STANDARD for easy and conservative replacement of the missing tooth with a new one that will look and feel like your other teeth
  • Even though the initial cost of the implant may seem high, it is the best long-term investment for replacing a single missing or failing tooth. Given the high success rate for dental implants, it can be the least expensive method for tooth replacement in the long run
  • Replacing a missing tooth with an implant rather than the traditional method of using the adjacent teeth to support a bridge is more conservative because it avoids the need to drill your natural teeth. The drilling/preparation of teeth can weaken them and possibly make them more susceptible to future decay, root canals, or loss

  • If you are missing more than one tooth, they may be replaced with multiple single-tooth implant restorations or with an implant bridge. Implant bridges replace the support lost as a result of missing teeth. Implants are placed in strategic positions to replace the missing teeth. When the implants are stable and ready for loading, the final bridge will be connected to the implants. The final implant bridge is retained in place using cement or screws
  • The All-On-4™ Implant Treatment Concept is the best option for patients who require most or all of their missing teeth to be replaced
  • This technique involves the placement of 4 or more dental implants at appropriate mechanical inclinations to maximize support for a full arch of teeth to be fixed into place, avoiding the need for an uncomfortable denture
  • Click here for more information on the All-On-4™ Implant Treatment Concept
  • Removable implant-supported dentures are a less expensive alternative to more costly fixed crown and bridge implant treatments
  • Implant-supported dentures are secured into place by snapping onto the implants, eliminating the instability and loose-feel of traditional dentures
  • The retention and support provided by implants means no more ill-tasting, gooey denture adhesive to keep your dentures in place
  • Benefits of implant-supported dentures include:
    • Improved retention and stability of denture
    • Improved speech and confidence
    • Improved stability means increased comfort with less gum irritation
    • Eliminates the need, inconvenience, and costs of denture adhesives
    • Minimally invasive procedure
    • Often we can convert your existing denture to an implant-supported denture

Types of Tooth Replacements Compared

See for yourself the advantages of dental implants and the disadvantages of other tooth replacement methods. This comparison is derived from third-party research: Premium Tooth Replacement, Deutsche Bank, January 2006

Flipper Dentures Bridge Implants
1-3 Years Longevity 5-7 Years Longevity 7-10 Years Longevity Lifetime Longevity
Preserves Adjacent Teeth Preserves Adjacent Teeth Doesn’t Preserve Adjacent Teeth Preserves Adjacent Teeth
Force Applied to Teeth Force Applied to Gums Force Applied to Teeth Force Applied to Jaw
Potential Bone Loss Potential Bone Loss Potential Bone Loss Prevents Bone Loss
Facial Appearance Affected Facial Appearance Affected Facial Appearance Affected Preserves Facial Appearance
Requires Periodic Adjustments Requires Periodic Adjustments Requires Periodic Adjustments Doesn’t Require Adjustments
Possible Loss of Adjacent Teeth Possible Loss of Adjacent Teeth Possible Loss of Adjacent Teeth No Loss of Adjacent Teeth


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