Tooth Friendly Independence Day Snacks

The 4th of July means a few things — outdoor fun, bbq’s with friends, and fireworks. Something that many people forget to think of amid the celebration and laughs are their teeth. Surprisingly enough, there are ways you can be mindful of your pearly whites this weekend, and still enjoy the festivities!


  • Grilled Fish. When cooking on the grill, many types of fish are very rich in omega-3’s, and are a great addition to your bbq plate! This type of acid can actually reduce inflammation and fight gum disease. Notable types of fish that are rich in this acid are tuna, trout, and salmon!
  • Fruit Skewers. Instead of opting for cake and ice cream, sweet fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe are perfect substitutes! As an added twist, you can try tossing them on the grill as well! Strawberries and peaches can be grilled until they begin to caramelize!
  • Sweet Tea. Instead of sugary drinks like soda, tea is a great option to have by your side. If you’re not bent on something sweet, unsweetened options are your best choice, or a sweet tea option with a sugar substitute.
  • Hummus With Cucumber. Typically, chickpeas are rich in folic acid, which keeps your mouth healthy by promoting cell growth through the body. The cucumbers are also a great alternative to chips, and very rich in vitamin B and C!

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