5 Fast Facts About our Onsite Laboratory

Most dental practices require patients to make several appointments rendered by various specialists throughout many offices. Visits to scanning centers, surgical specialists, restorative specialists, and dental labs in different locations can make treatment both costly and time consuming.

But thanks to our onsite laboratory here at integratedDENTAL, we offer everything under one roof! Learn more below:

1. Jurim Dental Studio is located right here. On the other side of our dental office is an onsite laboratory where we produce high-quality, complex dental restorations. Leading dentists across the world use our products!

2. We control every aspect of your treatment. Other dentists have to outsource dental restorations. So if your new smile doesn’t look and feel great the first time, everything needs to be sent out again. At integratedDENTAL, we never have to “send out work,” ensuring seamless communications between everyone on the restorative team.

3. Our team is highly trained. Another reason we can offer all treatment steps in one location is that we have a great team made up of dental implant specialists, prosthodontists, and digitally-advanced CAD/CAM specialists. We work side-by-side to make sure your new smile is picture perfect.

4. We simplify the payment process. Why pay several different specialists for one restoration? Because integratedDENTAL’s team of specialists and dental lab operate in one place, the cost for dental implants is minimized. We pass these savings along to our valued patients. No hidden fees or surprise charges!

5. We even offer tours. Are you the curious type? Don’t hesitate to ask for a tour of our manufacturing center. We’ll show you how and where your new smile will be made!

The onsite laboratory at integratedDENTAL makes a world of a difference. We invite you to see for yourself. Call us today at 516.677.9010 to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team of dental specialists.

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