An Overview of Our Dental Implant Procedures

Your new smile is waiting for you at integratedDENTAL. We offer a variety of procedures to replace missing and failing teeth due to a number of reasons, from fracture to trauma.

Dental implants offer unique benefits over traditional bridges and dentures. They cause no harm to adjacent teeth, help prevent bone loss, are long-lasting, and vastly improve patients’ quality of life.

Here’s a look at the dental implant procedures available through integratedDENTAL:

The single implant is the gold standard for fast and subtle tooth replacement. If you’ve lost a tooth due decay, infection, fracture or trauma, a single implant that looks and feels just like your other teeth can be put in its place.

For patients who are missing more than one tooth, we recommend either multiple single-tooth implants or an implant bridge. Implant bridges restore any support lost as a result of losing more than one tooth. Implants are strategically placed to replace the missing teeth. Then we’ll construct the final implant bridge and keep it in place using cement or screws.

The ProZir Implant Bridge is the number one option for those who need to replace all or most of their teeth. We start with four or more dental implants in areas that will maximize support for a full arch of teeth to be fixed into place. This prevents the need for uncomfortable dentures.

Dental implants can make a dramatic improvement in your smile! Call integratedDENTAL for a free no-obligation consultation: 516.677.9010. For more tips, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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