Invisalign Vs Braces


Being born with perfect teeth is a luxury that most are not fortunate enough to experience. Enhancing your smile or bite through braces is typically something everyone aspires for. Luckily, in today’s dental field, two prominent options exist: braces and invisalign. If you’re interested in beautifying your smile,here are a few things to consider before making your decision.


Traditional Braces

The traditional option for enhancing your smile comes with standard braces. These metal inserts are attached into the mouth, slowly moving your teeth back into the proper shape. During this process, it is normal to routinely (once per month on average) pay a visit to the orthodontist for a tightening or adjustment. These braces are very effective and are often used for more serious issues in the mouth. A downside to this option is the inability to eat certain foods, and some have reported pain during the times where the braces are tightened to make adjustments.


This option presents a seamless, removable option for repairing and adjusting mild flaws within the mouth. Invisalign gives the patient the opportunity to remove their braces for eating purposes, or if they need to brush, floss, and so on. Invisalign lives up to it’s name by presenting an almost invisible option for fixing teeth. While the cost can sometimes be marginally higher, it’s typically not as much as one may think. In addition, all of the trays are presented to the patient in the beginning of their treatment, making doctor visits scarce, and gives the patient the ability to track progress on their own.

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