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Reasons for Having a Dental Emergency Kit

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Dr. Brendan Johnson
Reasons for Having a Dental Emergency KitMany homes are equipped with medical kits for treating cuts, bruises and fractures, but many don't have kits for treating injuries and other problems in the mouth. Sometimes, teeth problems can arise from poor practices we did or didn't know were harmful to our oral health, and other times, trouble might just come finding us. A dental first aid is no replacement for an appointment with our dentist, but it sure can help make the restoration process as smooth and effective as possible. They can help you get a speedy recovery from loose or broken teeth, dislodged filling, and other similar dental emergencies.

How Useful is a Dental Emergency Kit?

A dental emergency kit contains treatment equipment and materials you'll normally find well-stocked in our offices. We do use many items in your regular dental emergency kit most times to numb pain temporarily and prime patients for further examination and treatment. 
Whether at our offices or in your home, workplace or playground, the use of dental first aid kits can help prevent permanent tooth loss or the deterioration of an infected site.

The Essential Components of a Dental First Aid Kit

Dental kits contain items that for first response to dental regencies like broken teeth or bleeding gums, including a gauze to stop bleeding, materials to fasten loose crowns or fillings in place temporarily like tooth stopping putty, toothpaste, denture adhesive, dental cement, etc, antiseptic mouthwash to cleans the site of injury, and tools for applying various restoration techniques. 

Some injuries might be quite serious and require the intervention of our dentists at our offices. With timely dent intervention, the chances of restoring broken teeth, lost crown, or bleeding gum becomes much higher. Call our office today to find effective solutions to your dental emergencies.
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