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Dental Services
Woodbury, NY

Patient in dental chair reviewing dental services with dentistWe here at Integrated Dental offer restorative, cosmetic, and reconstructive services. The type of treatment you need is dictated by your situation: the number of missing teeth, the number of damaged teeth, and the severity of the damage. Whether you need a full mouth reconstruction or a single crown, our job is to get your smile back on track!

Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized the way we treat tooth loss. If you are missing one or more teeth, an implant-supported prosthesis may be the ideal solution.
Read more about our most common implant-related services.

Integrated4 Solution

The integrated4 Solution takes the best parts of the All-On-4® Treatment Concept and adapts it to a digital workflow with digitally planned implants and digital manufactured final bridges. The digital steps involved in the integrated4 Solution streamlines the entire treatment process into fewer appointments, with patients getting their new smile in just 48 hours!
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has grown significantly over the past few decades thanks to advancements in technology and technique. Cutting-edge equipment allows us to improve the size, shape, color, and overall appearance of an unsightly tooth. The cosmetic services we provide include teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, dental sealants, and dental veneers & bonding. Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common procedures we perform due to its effectiveness. We may recommend a porcelain crown for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. The same is true for dental veneers. Both restorations are fabricated using porcelain because of its unmatched aesthetic value.
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Routine Dentistry

A large part of our practice involves family dentistry. We take great pride in treating every member of the family, from children to grandparents! These treatments are often simple and straightforward, designed to prevent potential problems. A routine appointment typically consists of professional cleaning and check-up exam. We may also recommend an oral cancer screening for adults, and fluoride treatment for children. If we notice any instances of tooth decay or gum disease, you may need restorative treatment.
Discover the services we offer you and your family to help prevent dental problems.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is ideal for those patients who suffer with dental anxiety, have a severe gag reflex, have troublesome jaw joint soreness, or have difficulty getting numb. Now you can RELAX knowing that you can comfortably and PAINLESSLY address your dental health needs with sedation dentistry
Learn more about sedation dentistry.

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