All-On-4™ Implants

The All-On-4™ implant treatment is an excellent treatment option for patients who require most or all of their missing teeth to be replaced. This technique involves the placement of as few as 4 dental implants at appropriate mechanical inclinations to maximize fixed support for a full arch of teeth. It dramatically improves a patient’s quality of life by avoiding the need for an uncomfortable denture.

All-On-4™ implants is a much improved treatment alternative to patients who have been stuck in the past with dentures due to finances or anatomical reasons. Traditionally, the placement of up to 8-10 implants per jaw was necessary to restore patients with a fixed bridge instead of a denture. To place this large number of implants, patients often had to have additional extensive bone grafting procedures which further added to the high cost of this treatment. With the All-On-4™ concept, the placement of 2 back implants at up to a 45° angulation along with conventional placement of usually 2 implants in the front provides enough support for a fixed bridge while avoiding the need for extensive bone grafting.

The Advantages of All-On-4™ Implant Bridges

  • The All-On-4™ implant bridges are fixed in your mouth, functioning like natural teeth
  • Because it is fixed in place, the All-On-4™ implant bridge avoids the inconvenient challenges and painful sores often associated with loose, ill-fitting dentures

  • Unlike plastic conventional dentures, the All-On-4™ implant bridge has personalized aesthetics and is finished in ceramic to best mimic natural, lifelike dentition
  • With support provided by implants, the upper All-On-4™ implant bridge does not cover your palate the way a denture does. This improves your speech, comfort, and ability to taste foods

  • For many patients, the All-On-4™ concept can be completed in a single day
  • When possible, we plan cases so failing teeth are removed, implants placed, and teeth inserted all in the same day
  • For patients already wearing dentures, we often can place implants and insert teeth same day

  • In many cases, patients can leave same day with their new teeth and smile so there is no downtime. Eat, socialize, talk as soon as your appointment is done

  • Bone resorption is an unfortunate side effect following tooth loss. Many times, this loss of bone means that patients require bone grafting to be done to rebuild a site prior to implant placement
  • Since the All-On-4™ procedure involves angulating implants to place them in positions where bone is available, it often helps patients avoid the need for additional surgeries and grafting procedures like sinus lifts

All-On-4 Treatment Process

Older treatments to restore an entire jaw of missing teeth required multiple surgeries, bone grafting, upwards of 10 to 12 implants, and extended healing times of up to a year and half before a patient received their fixed teeth. That meant patients had to wear dentures for more than year during the treatment process.

With an All-On-4™ style treatment, we can offer candidates fixed teeth immediately following placement of as a few as 4 implants. The All-On-4™treatment process is as follows:

  • STEP 1 – We offer Judgement-Free consultations to patients to discuss their treatment goals
  • STEP 2 – If you choose to proceed, you will have 2 to 3 visits in our office meeting with our team of specialist to gather all the diagnostic information necessary to plan your All-On-4™ style treatment. We can also discuss sedation options if you are interested
  • STEP 3 – THE BIG DAY! You will have an appointment to place your implants and fit your All-On-4style bridge. Leave same-day smiling, talking, and functioning comfortably and with ease!

To ensure success, patients receiving All-On-4™ style treatment will need to return over the next several months for regular check-ups. Once their gums and implants have fully healed, usually 6 months later, a final mold is made of patient’s mouth for fabrication of a stronger, permanent set of teeth that fit perfectly. Once wearing your final teeth, you will need to return for at least yearly visits to perform implant maintenance cleanings to ensure the long-term health of your All-On-4™ style treatment.

All-On-4™ is a trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG