Cosmetic Dentures

One of the biggest cosmetic complaints of denture wearers is the fake, plastic appearance of their teeth. Conventional dentures made by most dentists lack character and are easily spotted by others as having that ugly, undesirable “denture look”.

Dr. Barbara Jurim is a Prosthodontist who went to three additional years of postgraduate training to receive her specialty degree in Prosthodontics, the dental specialty dealing with the replacement of broken down and/or missing teeth. Dr. Barbara Jurim’s specialty training provides her with the unique skill set needed for fabricating natural, life-like, beautiful denture smiles. Understanding the importance of feeling confident about your smile, Dr. Jurim’s cosmetic dentures are made with special teeth that have multiple layers of colors and differing degrees of translucency to best mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These cosmetic teeth also display “perfect imperfections” and have slight shape variations which best reproduce the natural variations seen in a cosmetically pleasing smile.

If you are troubled with an ugly, old, loose or uncomfortable denture and are looking for a better treatment alternative, learn more about implant-supported overdentures and the integrated4 Solution!



The integrated4 Solution

A better solution than All-on-4

Implant-Supported OverDentures            



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