An informed patient is empowered to make the best decisions regarding their health. Below are frequently asked questions regarding the integrated4 Implant Solution for you to use a resource. Schedule your free consultation today for the opportunity to ask the experts any questions you may have and see if the integrated4 Solution is right for you.


General integrated4 Solution Questions

Possibly. Every effort will be made to repurpose existing implants for the integrated4 Solution. However, if the position of your existing implants do not favor the integrated4 Solution, if the implants do not have good bone support, and/or if the implants are so old that they no longer make compatible parts, then we most likely won’t be able to use your old implants. Instead, the old implants will be removed and new ones will be placed in the proper planned position for your new durable, aesthetic, custom smile.

The doctors involved in offering the integrated4 Solution include Dr. Alan Jurim , specialized in digital CAD/CAM dentistry, Dr. Barbara Jurim, a Prosthodontist, and Dr. Brandon Katz, a Periodontist. With over 10 years combined specialized advanced training, this team has the exceptional skill set to provide all the surgical and restorative steps in the integrated4 Solution. We invite you to click on each provider’s name to learn more how this special team is shaping the burgeoning field of digital dentistry.

integratedDENTAL is possibly the most digitally advanced dental office in America, and it is housed in the same facility as Jurim Dental Studio, a full commercial digital dental laboratory and milling center. The integrated4 Solution is possible at integratedDENTAL due to the intimate collaboration and control we have over the on-site manufacturing of your permanent smile. Unlike most dental offices that must outsource their laboratory work, the integrated4 Solution by integratedDENTAL is a quicker, better treatment due to the control our doctors have throughout every step in the entire process. Click here for more information on our digitally-advanced facility.

The integrated4 Solution is the only entirely digital workflow offering a permanent bridge in less than 48 hours made of a durable, strong pekkton framework onto which lifelike teeth are cemented. Because of the materials used in the integrated4 Solution, it is the best at recreating a natural looking smile that will service you for many years to come. The All-On-4 procedure requires multiple visits over months of treatment and requires wear of a temporary denture during this time. Most corporate dental centers offering an All-On-4 type treatment provide a hybrid bridge as the final solution to the patients which are very high-maintenance and prone to fracturing. The integrated4 Solution is nearly indestructible while being highly aesthetic.

Unlike other All-on-4 type of procedures that can take upwards of 6-12 months, the entire integrated4 Solution is completed in less than 48 hours! Click here for more information on the streamlined steps for the integrated4 Solution.

Single implants normally take between 3-12 months to fully integrate into the bone. The integrated4 Solution treatment protocol is designed for the implants to gain primary stability and then be splinted together by the pekkton framework while healing over the next several months. Without this splinting effect, the implants would be subject to mirco-movement which could result in their failure to properly heal and osseonintegrate.

Corporate dental centers offering All-On-4 style treatments are not focused on the needs of the individual patient. Instead, they are much like impersonal factories looking to treat as many patients as possible for the least amount of expense. Their high-dollar advertising costs and need to meet monthly quotas often lead to highly aggressive sale tactics. The end result is patients are left with subpar final teeth made of lesser quality materials.

Corporate dental centers offering All-On-4 style treatments are not focused on the needs of the individual patient. Instead, they are much like impersonal factories looking to treat as many patients as possible for the least amount of expense. Their high-dollar advertising costs and need to meet monthly quotas often lead to highly aggressive sale tactics. The end result is patients are left with subpar final teeth made of lesser quality materials.

At integratedDENTAL, the best interests of our patients come first. Personal attention is given to each of our patients to make sure we provide a customized treatment solution that is best for them. For this reason, unlike other All-On-4 style treatments, the integrated4 Solution involves the placement of up to 6 implants if it is of benefit to a patient at no added cost. There is no comparison between the compassion, devotion, experience, and digital technology the integratedDENTAL team offers to all our patients.

The desired look and color of your new teeth will be discussed at length with you prior to your surgery visit. We will review with you a digital smile library of looks to choose from with the option for your new smile to be digitally simulated. We encourage patients to bring in pictures of smiles they love for us to refer to when digitally designing their new teeth. By using digital manufacturing, we are best able to try to meet your cosmetic goals so long as they can also provide proper function.

Absolutely not. Each and every one of our patient featured on our website willingly agreed to be profiled because they wanted to share with the public exactly how life-changing beneficial the integrated4 Solution has been for them.

The team offering the integrated4 Solution at integratedDENTAL is comprised of a periodontist specialized in surgery, a prosthodontist specialized in digital full-mouth prosthetic reconstructions, and certified laboratory dental technicians specialized in CAD/CAM manufacturing. The digital treatments involved in the integrated4 Solution mean better, safer, and more precise results in fewer visits. Click here to see more about the integratedDENTAL team of specialists.

Absolutely not. Each and every one of our patient featured on our website willingly agreed to be profiled because they wanted to share with the public exactly how life-changing beneficial the integrated4 Solution has been for them.

We understand that most patients have ended up in need of an All-on-4 style treatment due to a severe dental phobia that has prevented them from receiving regular dental care. For the integrated4 Solution, we offer different levels of oral conscious sedation and IV sedation by a certified dental anesthesiologist to make receiving the treatment possible. Sit back totally relaxed, painlessly undergo treatment, and wake up to this life-changing possibility.



Integrated4 Solution Surgical Questions

For those patients who still have teeth and are interested in the integrated4 Solution, it is not necessary for your existing failing dentition prior to signing up. Instead, it is actually preferred that our team be the ones to remove your teeth because we understand the importance of extracting the teeth as atraumatically as possible to preserve bone. Our protocol involves the careful removal of your teeth and the guided placement of your digitally planned implants at the same visit, with you receiving your teeth in less than 48 hours, all for one fee!

The advanced digital surgical planning involved in the integrated4 Solution allows us to remove your failing dentition and place implants at the same visit in healthy sites between the extraction sockets. By digitally planning the placement of your implants into virgin, healthy bone we can place them at the same visit as when teeth are removed with confidence that we will achieve good primary stability of the implants to support your new bridge. And since your new bridge is supported entirely by your implants and doesn’t sit on the extraction sit and your healing gums, most patients experience minimal postoperative pain.

Depending on whether you are receiving the integrated4 Solution for one or both jaws, the entire surgical visit will typically take about 2.5 – 5 hours. The lab portion of the visit will typically take another 1 – 3 hours.

As with any surgical procedure, complications are a reality. More information can be found here.

The majority of patients return for their post-operative visit reporting minimal discomfort and disruption of their daily lives. While most discomfort will subside after 3 days, it is reasonable for patients can expect to be sore for the first 2 weeks. This is managed with prescribed medications that minimize swelling and pain.

Every integrated4 patient is offered the option of oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Oral conscious sedation is performed by certified licensed dentists and involves the administration of a combination of medicines by mouth to help relax the patient to a “twilight” state from which s/he will awake once the procedure is completed without any recollection of the surgery. For patients with severe dental phobias, IV sedation is more appropriate as the patient will be allowed to sleep through the entire procedure. IV sedation is performed by a certified dental anesthesiologist who will monitor your vitals and ensure you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the entire procedure.

When you sign up for the integrated4 Solution, you will be prescribed medications to help prevent possible infection, swelling, and post-operative pain. They should be taken exactly as prescribed for the specified time.

The digital 3D xray planning involved with the integrated4 Solution allow us to place your implants into sites where bone is available at the proper angulations to support your bridge, avoiding the need for additional surgeries like a sinus lift. This makes the integrated4 Solution protocol less invasive and faster than traditional implant bridges.

Uncontrolled diabetes is a big risk factor that can increase the chances of implant failure by up to 30%. For this reason, diabetic patients that would like the integrated4 Solution will need to have a medical clearance verifying their HBA1C level is stable indicating good diabetic control. This ensures the best chance of treatment success by minimizing the risk of post-operative infection and implant failure.

Smoking increases a patient’s risk for many medical problems. In addition to this, however, it limits the blood supply to your oral tissues and delays wound healing. Smoking can therefore increase the time it takes for implants to heal and may increase the risk for infections. You must stop smoking 30 days prior to surgery. Smoking is detrimental to implants and voids all warranties. For help on quitting smoking, visit here.



Aftercare Questions

Comprehensive post-operative instructions can be accessed by clicking here.

As your gum tissues heal following your surgery, it is likely that a space will open up between your implant-supported bridge and your gums. This spacing is where food may trap, and it is imperative you use a Waterpik twice daily to keep underneath your bridge as clean and healthy as possible. About 4-6 months after your surgery, final impressions of your healed tissues will be made to adapt your bridge so it fits intimately to your healed gums to best prevent food trapping. Food trapping will remain a possibility, and for this reason keeping a strict oral homecare routine with the Waterpik® and adhering to your prescribed implant maintenance program is essential to the longevity of your implants and the integrated4 Solution.

Adhering to a soft diet, especially within the first 6 weeks of surgery, is key to the successful healing of your implants. It is imperative you take great care not to bite into any food items that are excessively hard, like bones, pits, nuts, etc., all of which could traumatize the healing implants and result in their loss.

Week 1– Immediately following receiving the integrated4 Solution, you should begin a strict oral homecare routine that involves rinsing 2x day with the prescribed mouth rinse (Peridex) and gently brushing the teeth with the soft bristle electric toothbrush we provide to you.

Routine Oral Homecare after Week 1 – It is imperative you follow a strict oral hygiene homecare routine after receiving the integrated4 Solution to ensure the longevity of this treatment. We recommend you adhere to the following routine at least 3x day: First use the Waterpik® provided to you (preferably after every meal) to remove any food that may trap under your bridge. Then brush your bridge, preferably with the soft bristle electric toothbrush we provide to you, for 2 minutes total brushing time. Failure to keep to this oral homecare routine will result in food remaining trapped under your bridge and subsequent plaque build-up which can jeopardize the health and longevity of the supporting implants.

Just like with natural healthy teeth, your new bridge should be professionally cleaned every 6 months to ensure the health of your implants and longevity of the integrated4 Solution. Failure to adhere to your prescribed implant hygiene maintenance program will void your eligibility for our integrated4 Solution Warranty.


Dental Material Questions

The implants used for the integrated4 Solution are FDA-approved and made of medical grade titanium. The different implant manufacturer’s used include Straumann, Nobel Biocare, MIS and Biohorizons, all of whose implants have proven clinical success and integrate into the digital workflows and CAD/CAM restorative process used in the integrated4 Solution.

Even the most predictable treatments have risks. The integrated4 Solution warranties that in the rare instance of an implant failure, the implant removal, implant replacement, and any additional corrective procedures will be completed a no extra cost to the patient.

The integrated4 Solution bridge is warrantied for a period of service of 5 years. However, with proper home care and in-office maintenance, patient can expect the integrated4 Solution bridge to last much longer. Within the warranty period, any issues due to workmanship will be repaired at no cost.

Limitations of the integrated4 Solution Warranty

Any dental implants that fail to properly heal and integrate will be replaced at no cost, one time only. In order for the warranty to remain in effect, integrated4 Solution patients must adhere to their prescribed hygiene maintenance program and annual implant examinations with x-rays. The warranty does not apply to those patients that begin/continue to smoke or who have/develop uncontrolled systemic diseases, including but not limited to: diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis, conditions requiring prolonged steroid use. F smoking or a medical condition is suspected as the cause of implant failure or other complications requiring treatment, then an examination and blood tests will be needed to validate warranty eligibility.

The integrated4 Solution bridge is made of a FDA-approved medical biomaterials like Pekkton, Zirconia, and e.Max. These materials offer strength and durability while best recreating the aesthetics of a natural smile.


Financial Questions

Complete this form to receive the most current pricing for the integrated4 Solution.

In an effort to make the integrated4 Solution an option available to everyone, many different payment options exist. We accept all major Credit Cards, Cashier Checks, and Bank Checks. We also accept Personal checks, Wire Transfers, and Third-Party Financing (2 weeks prior to surgery).

Payment in full is due at the time of surgery. Payments must clear 2 weeks before scheduled surgery when paying with personal check, wire transfer, or third-party financing. A 10% case deposit is required to schedule your surgery.

As a courtesy to the patient we will submit claims to your dental insurance. Dental extractions are typically a covered service whereas dental implants are not. No guarantee is made as to the procedures covered by your dental insurance and the amount they will reimburse you for the integrated4 Solution treatment. You can expect to receive any refund 30-60 days after your surgical visit.

Rarely does medical insurance cover dental procedures, and primarily only in the event of an accident resulting in the need for treatment. We encourage you to contact your medical insurance carrier to see what coverage, if any, you can expect.

Absolutely! Funds withdrawn from your HSA are tax-free when used to pay for a qualified medical expense as defined by the IRS Tax Code Section 213(d). The funds must be used to ease or prevent a physical or mental defect or illness. This includes dental problems. For more information, we encourage you visit the IRS website Medical and Dental Expenses. It is your responsibility to see if the IRS has modified the list of eligible medical expenses. As always, we recommend you consult with your tax advisor for any specific tax advice.

Maybe. We recommend you consult with your tax advisor for any specific tax advice.

While we are able to offer the integrated4 Solution at a cost far below the national average because all treatment and manufacturing is completed onsite, we understand that it can still be too costly for some. When you sign up (hyperlink to same form used to schedule an appt) for our mailing list, we will have your information and you can indicate this to us. If in the future we are available due to scheduling and financials to work with you or there is another avenue of treatment available, we will contact you. We can also discuss less-expensive treatment alternatives, including implant overdentures .


Scheduling Questions

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Even though the integrated4 Solution is a highly specialized treatment that requires much pre-planning, we understand how life-enhancing it is for patients. That’s why we work with each an every patient to begin their integrated4 Solution with little delay. Call 516-677-9010 today and we will see if accomodations can be made to see you same day, and if not, within at least the same week.

We require a 10% deposit to schedule your surgery date because we are committing significant time and resources to planning and executing your treatment. This appointment is held solely for you and no other patients are seen during this time. A deposit helps safeguard against cancellations and helps to prevent delaying treatment for other patients anxious to get their integrated4 Solution started.


Travel and Accommodation Questions

Because the integrated4 Solution is specially priced at a reduced cost since all treatment and manufacturing is done on-site, we are not able to include hotel accommodations into the treatment fee. Information on local accomodations can be found here.

No. Information on how our office can be reached can be found here

Some hotels offer free shuttle service to our office, while the remaining recommended hotels are easily accessible to our office via uber, lyft, or taxi.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you bring a friend or loved one to your consultation and surgical visits. Our office has a private waiting room for any friend or family you wish to join you while undergoing the integrated4 Solution. If you elect to have sedation, someone will have to escort you back home or to your hotel.

Our office can be reached from all 3 major NYC airports (JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark) as well as MacArthur Airport on Long Island. More information on air travel can be found here.

There are many great things to be seen and experienced near our office. From historical landmarks, to world-class shopping, to easy access to Manhattan, you and your companions can make the most of your visit to explore the integrated4 Solution. Click here for more information on local attractions and exceptional dining options.