Our team performs root canals using rotary endodontics, a new state-of-the-art instrumentation, to perform the root canal procedure allowing for better cleaning and shaping of your root canal faster and more complete. This technique also eliminates the “drilling” noise so the patient experience is much more pleasant.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is necessary when a cavity or crack infiltrates into and infects the tooth’s nerve, causing discomfort and swelling in the area. The procedure removes the decayed tooth material and cleans out the root canal to prevent further damage and save your tooth. It should be noted that some teeth can be so severely decayed that even if they receive root canal therapy they cannot be saved. It is therefore necessary for a tooth’s restorability to be determined prior to initiation of root canal therapy. Additionally, a root canal treated tooth most commonly requires a post & core and crown to be fabricated in order to restore it to function.

In order to ensure your root canal experience is as pleasant as possible, Dr. Alan Jurim uses the most cutting-edge technology along with the option of sedation dentistry. Along with the same-day crown option, Dr. Jurim can painlessly and quickly complete the root canal and successfully restore your tooth to full function in just one simple visit!