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The integrated4 Solution is superior to the traditional All-On-4 treatment in so many ways. The All-On-4TM protocol originated in the 1990s and not much has changed in how it is approached since then. The integrated4 Solution takes the best parts of the All-On-4TM treatment protocol and adapts it to a digital workflow with digitally planned implants and digital manufactured final bridges.

The digital steps involved in the integrated4 Solution streamlines the entire treatment process into fewer appointments, with patients getting their new smile in just 48 hours. It also makes surgery safer and the final bridge is stronger, more lifelike, and requires less long term maintenance. Read below for more information why the integrated4 Solution is the right solution for you.




Traditional methods of replacing missing teeth involved bridges and dentures. Bridges and partial dentures are not ideal because they are dependent on the support teeth which in turn they can traumatize. Full dentures pose functional challenges due to loose fit and poor stability while chewing. These treatments typically only last from 5-10 years time before needing to be replaced. Dental implants, however, are the only permanent restorative option that can last a lifetime.


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While denture patients avoid certain foods too challenging to eat due to limited chewing function, dental implant patients can again enjoy a healthy, well-rounded diet once they have healed. They can enjoy corn-on-the-cob, bite into a crisp apple, and chew a succulent steak worry-free and with great ease. Just like with natural teeth, dental implants need proper home-care of brushing and flossing and yearly cleanings at the dentist.


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Conventional dental implant treatments involve many appointments rendered by several specialists in different offices resulting in multiple fees at each stage of treatment. At integratedDENTAL, we have one team of highly-trained specialists and an on-site digitally advanced dental laboratory all working in sync to render all treatment for one flat fee all under one roof.


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integratedDENTAL specialists use advanced technology not found in most traditional dental practices to plan your tooth replacement solution in a real 3D environment. A scan of your jaw bones is used to carefully plan your implant surgery to ensure vital anatomical landmarks are not damaged. Our restorative specialists work intimately with our on-site dental laboratory, CADproDENTAL, to ensure the use of the latest digital technologies in the fabrication of each patient’s new smile. This allows our patients to leave their implant treatment visit with fully functioning teeth all in just one day.


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integratedDENTAL understands that some patients require more than just local anesthesia to be comfortable with the idea of undergoing a dental implant procedure. Accordingly, we offer full IV sedation services provided by certified doctors to ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible.


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Your New Smile in Just 48 Hours!

The integrated4 Solution is a life-changing treatment for patients suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of missing teeth and dentures. In just 48 hours, you will be denture-free and able to comfortably chew and smile with new gorgeous, lifelike teeth. See below to better understand the integrated4 Solution treatment sequence and why it may be right for you!



1) No-Obligation Consult

Every patient interested in the integrated4 Solution begins their treatment with a consultation. During this visit, we will discuss the current dental challenges you may be experiencing and your treatment goals. You will get the opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about the integrated4 Solution to see if it is right for you.



2) Digital Treatment Planning Exam

Once you have decided that the integrated4 Solution is right for you, you will return to collect all the digital records needed to plan you treatment, including a comprehensive dental examination, digital TRIOS impressions, 3D X-rays, and digital photographs. Our team of surgical and restorative specialists will use these records to finalize your treatment. The timeline for your treatment will be thoroughly discussed and tailored to our specific needs.



3) Surgical Visit

This visit is when your digitally planned implant surgery will be performed to place supports for your new teeth in the best possible position for a long-lasting solution.



4) Delivering your new smile in just 48 hours!

Say goodbye to your denture! In just 48 hours after your surgical visit you will receive your new fixed smile. You will leave this visit with your implants supporting a new set of teeth fixed into place that look, feel, and function just like real teeth.
A critical part of our treatment is following post-operative instructions and returning for regular check-ups while the implants are healing to make sure your recovery is progressing as expected. Rest assured there is no additional fee for these visits with our team to monitor your recovery process.


Your Smile

5) Your Permanent Teeth

Once your dental implants have successfully integrated and healed, you will receive a set of aesthetic, life-like, incredibly strong teeth that function just like natural teeth. The integrated4 Solution’s final bridge is digitally manufactured and is much stronger and longer-lasting with less maintenance than other All-On-4TM style treatments. Click here to find out more why the ProZir SOlution is better and how it can tremendously improve your quality of life.


After Implant

6) Post Treatment Hygiene Care

Following delivery of your permanent teeth, it is crucial you maintain the regularly prescribed dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure the long-term health of your dental implants. Typically, patients return every 6 months to evaluate their new teeth and receive hygiene treatment, the same recall schedule prescribed to patients with healthy natural dentition.