Reality is that very few people have perfect teeth. The majority of people have some fillings, and those fillings don’t last a lifetime. As a filling’s margins begin to wear away, bacteria enter the leaky filling resulting in recurrent decay under old restorations.

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Unfortunately, defective old leaky fillings often don’t cause any pain or sensitivity, so patients are unaware of a problem until the tooth becomes symptomatic or fractures. By the time a tooth with recurrent decay becomes sensitive or fractures, more treatment (like a root canal) is required to restore it than if the leaky filling was addressed earlier. At the integratedDENTAL, we use digital x-rays and frequently evaluate old restorations to identify leaky and failing fillings early on so they can be replaced promptly. We replace old fillings only with cosmetic, durable tooth-colored materials so the result seamlessly matches your natural teeth- no more ugly silver fillings!