About Implants

Serving as THE GOLD STANDARD in modern dentistry, dental implants are the most progressive replacement option to deliver the look, feel and function of natural teeth. If you’re looking to create a younger smile while repairing severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants can make a dramatic improvement. Implants can be used in single or multi-tooth restorations.

They are a permanent solution for patients who are missing teeth and would otherwise need dentures. Our team of periodontist and prosthodontist work together to provide comprehensive implant treatment options personalized to each patient’s individual needs. This team approach allows us to provide all implant treatments, from digital planning to surgical placement to restoration, all under one roof.



The All-On-4 treatment is an excellent option for patients who require most or all of their missing teeth to be replaced. This technique involves the placement of 4 dental implants at appropriate mechanical inclinations to maximize support onto which a full arch of teeth is fixed into place, avoiding the need for an uncomfortable denture.


Multiple Implants

For patients that are in good oral healthy with healthy gums and surrounding teeth but are missing more than one tooth, multiple implants supporting a bridge is the best restorative solution. Multiple implants conservatively and comfortably restore missing teeth avoiding the need for loose partial dentures or bridges supported by teeth.


Single Tooth Implant

For patients that have lost a tooth due to decay, fracture, infection, trauma, etc. the single implant is the GOLD STANDARD for easy and conservative replacement of the missing tooth with a new one that will look and feel like your other teeth.



Why Choose Dental Implants?

Historically, the only treatment option for the replacement of loose, failing, and missing teeth was a denture. Unfortunately, dentures can be difficult to function and chew comfortably with and they need to be removed every night for proper hygiene. For these reasons, dentures have the least patient satisfaction of any dental treatment. Advances in dentistry have introduced dental implants as the most exciting and conservative tooth replacement option available today.

Dental implants are an advanced treatment solution for replacing missing and failing teeth that provides many benefits over traditional tooth replacement options that involved bridges and/or dentures. Unlike loose, uncomfortable dentures or bridges that require the support of your natural dentition, dental implant improve patients’ quality of life by improving their function and diet.




Types of Tooth Replacements Compared

See for yourself the advantages of dental implants and the disadvantages of other tooth replacement methods. This comparison is derived from third-party research: Premium Tooth Replacement, Deutsche Bank, January 2006


1-3 Years Longevity5-7 Years Longevity7-10 Years LongevityLifetime Longevity
Preserves Adjacent TeethPreserves Adjacent TeethDoesn’t Preserve Adjacent TeethPreserves Adjacent Teeth
Force Applied to TeethForce Applied to GumsForce Applied to TeethForce Applied to Jaw
Potential Bone LossPotential Bone LossPotential Bone LossPrevents Bone Loss
Facial Appearance AffectedFacial Appearance AffectedFacial Appearance AffectedPreserves Facial Appearance
Requires Periodic AdjustmentsRequires Periodic AdjustmentsRequires Periodic AdjustmentsDoesn’t Require Adjustments
Possible Loss of Adjacent TeethPossible Loss of Adjacent TeethPossible Loss of Adjacent TeethNo Loss of Adjacent Teeth