What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Although our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, sometimes cavities and injuries can incur enough damage that a tooth’s insides become infected. The tooth’s pulp, which is made up of blood vessels and nerves, becomes damaged as well.

If the infection progresses enough to impact the bone around the tooth and the tooth itself, your dentist will recommend root canal therapy.

The integratedDENTAL team specializes in rotary endodontics, a new state-of-the-art instrumentation that allows us to better perform root canal therapy. Through this system, we can better clean and shape your root canal! Your procedure will therefore be faster and more complete.

Afraid of the “drilling” noise associated with root canal therapy? With us, there is no such sound — making your root canal experience much more pleasant.

After your procedure, you shouldn’t experience too much pain. Remember, while the conditions that necessitate a root canal are usually painful, the treatment uses anesthesia and therefore is entirely painless.

Your tooth or teeth may be a little sore for a couple days following the procedure, but otherwise most patients are relieved by how quickly their root canaled tooth feels better! If you are experiencing excessive soreness after treatment, read about root canal pain management tips.

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