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Digital Dentistry Enhances the Smile of an Aspiring Young Actress – Katie of Syosset, NY

Digital Dentistry Enhances the Smile of an Aspiring Young Actress – Katie of Syosset, NY

Patient Overview

  • Name: Katie
  • Location: Syosset, NY
  • Main Problem: Congenitally missing lateral incisors

Impact on Patient’s Life

Katherine’s missing lateral incisors severely adversely affected her smile. As a young woman whose passion is the performing arts, Katherine’s smile was front and center and affecting her acting career.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan

The plan for Katherine was to provide her with fixed “temporary” teeth which she wouldn’t have to worry about falling out. These teeth were made out of beautiful porcelain to ensure enhanced aesthetics, something very important to a young girl and actress like Katie, and were designed to last her until she finishes growing and is a candidate for dental implants.

Technological Implementation

Patients like Katherine require a multi-disciplinary team to provide all the different treatments necessary to restore congenitally missing teeth.

Orthodontic Alignment

Katherine was first treated by an orthodontist to move her teeth to the ideal positions for future implants and crowns in the spaces where she was missing teeth. Traditionally, it was challenging for the restorative dentist to convey to the orthodontist the proper spacing to be created for the future crowns. This challenge is now easily addressed using our specialized digital technologies. 

In Katherine’s case, we monitored her orthodontic treatment and when it appeared she was close to the end of treatment we were able to make a digital impression of her mouth and digitally design the two missing teeth to their ideal proportions confirming that no
further orthodontic movement was needed to open/close the spaces. This digital tooth proposal confirmed Katherine was ready for the restorative crown work before her braces are removed.

Digital Smile Design

The next step involved a digital smile design, where it was determined that Katie would benefit from some gum recontouring and bonding to adjacent teeth. This digital smile allowed Katie and her parents to make an informed decision regarding her treatment. They acknowledged that the gum recontouring and bonding would look great but they didn’t feel it necessary at this time, and this is how digital tools help provide informed consent.

Final Steps: Maryland Bridges

With the plan set, the next steps were to complete minimally invasive preparations on the lingual surfaces of the teeth adjacent to missing teeth and make a digital TRIOS intraoral impression for Maryland bridges. The patient then had the Maryland bridges custom stained and finished at the dental lab to enhance the shade match and aesthetics. Once to the patient’s liking, the Maryland bridges were cemented in place and Katherine left our office smiling ear-to-ear finally with a feeling of being “whole”. 

Years of a toothless smile were corrected in just 2 dental visits!

Treatment Phases

  • Phase 1: Orthodontic adjustments and digital confirmation of teeth alignment.
  • Phase 2: Creation and fitting of Maryland bridges, with a focus on enhancing aesthetic appeal and ensuring comfort.

Results and Benefits

  • Aesthetic and Functional Restoration: Katie’s smile was restored with lifelike porcelain Maryland bridges that are securely cemented, allowing her to perform without concerns about her smile.
  • Enhanced Confidence: The restoration boosted Katie’s self-esteem, critical for her acting career.

Quote from Dr. Barbara Jurim:

“Treating patients like Katie used to take multiple visits back and forth between the orthodontist and the restorative doctor, shuffling teeth to get them in the right positions for the desired final outcome. Using digital smile design, we can monitor treatment and communicate seamlessly with the orthodontist to expedite treatment and guarantee a great cosmetic outcome.”

Cutting Edge Digital Dentistry

This case exemplifies how integratedDENTAL leverages cutting-edge digital dentistry to streamline complex dental treatments, ensuring both functional integrity and aesthetic excellence. Katie’s case is a testament to the power of modern technology in transforming lives through enhanced dental care.