We were featured in Dentistry Today!

On June 28, 2016 integratedDENTAL hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of our brand-new facility in Woodbury, NY. With the help of our friends at Henry Schein, the evening was spent discussing the latest trends in digital dentistry, same-day … Continued

Meet The Team: Brandon Katz

At integratedDENTAL our team is very important to us. Not only do we seek out those who are extremely skilled, but we look for those who go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their work. … Continued

Tooth Friendly Independence Day Snacks

The 4th of July means a few things — outdoor fun, bbq’s with friends, and fireworks. Something that many people forget to think of amid the celebration and laughs are their teeth. Surprisingly enough, there are ways you can be … Continued

Benefits of Invisalign

Traditional braces can get in the way of everything — you can’t eat certain foods, they’re in your mouth for a long time, and they can get painful. Thanks to advancements in the dental industry, there are popular alternatives to … Continued

integratedDENTAL Client Testimonials

Choosing the right dentist isn’t always a simple task. It’s important to find a doctor that understands your needs and creates the proper care plan to treat your individual needs. If you’re considering calling integratedDENTAL gor your cosmetic or general dental … Continued

Meet The Team: Dr. Barbara Jurim

We know when it comes to choosing a dentist for yourself or your family, it’s an important decision. At integratedDENTAL, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional care to all of our patients and ensuring that our team is friendly and … Continued

Why You Need An Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know in the United States someone dies of oral cancer every hour of every day? Did you also know the fastest growing segment of patients with oral cancer are between the ages of 25-50 and mostly non-smokers? Many … Continued

Preventative Care For Your Teeth

Your body is the most important thing you need to take care of — no matter what happens, it’s always fighting to keep you healthy. Isn’t it only fair to do your part? In the mouth, there are a ton … Continued

Teeth Whitening And You

White teeth is something desired by almost all, so why not spend more time paying attention to what matters? The science behind the shine isn’t hard. Proper brushing, flossing, and mouth hygiene is exactly what you’ll need to do in … Continued

Common Myths About Tooth Care

When it comes to tending to your teeth, you can never be too careful. When visiting your dentist, he/she will provide you with the best ways to keep your mouth clean and free of disease. Sometimes however, people tend to … Continued

Invisalign Vs Braces

  Being born with perfect teeth is a luxury that most are not fortunate enough to experience. Enhancing your smile or bite through braces is typically something everyone aspires for. Luckily, in today’s dental field, two prominent options exist: braces … Continued

Benefits of Non Surgical Facelifts

Aging is inevitable, but luckily there are ways to preserve your youth. Cue the non-surgical facelift! Using state of the art tools and techniques, the team at integratedDENTAL can achieve the look you desire, without the surgical aspects. Learn more … Continued

Meet the Team: Alan Jurim

When it comes to choosing a dentist, visiting an office that is professional and friendly is very important. That’s why the integratedDENTAL team works so hard to provide exceptional care and service to each  patient — and our esteemed dentist, … Continued

Reasons For Tooth Pain

Toothaches are a common, frustrating dental problem — but why do they happen? When they do, sometimes it is unclear as to what has caused the pain. Although practicing dental hygiene is great, there are other factors that can cause … Continued

Cosmetic Enhancements from integratedDENTAL

If you’re in search of a cosmetic dentist in Nassau County, turn to integratedDENTAL! We offer a wide variety of cosmetic enhancements, from porcelain veneers to teeth whitening. We even offer customized same-day smile makeovers. Learn more below: 1. Porcelain … Continued

What Does a Periodontist Do?

“Periodontist” is a fancy term you’ve probably never seen before. This specialized area of dentistry focuses on periodontal (gum) disease, dental implant placement and oral inflammation. To become a periodontist, dentists must receive extensive training, including three years of education … Continued