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Restoring Confidence and Comfort with Advanced Dental Technology

Patient: Stan of Plainview, NY

Patient History:

Stan presented with severe dental issues, including mobile bridges, discolored teeth, and an imbalanced bite, leading to significant discomfort and dissatisfaction with his smile.

Stan’s dental journey began with concerns over a space in his bottom left teeth and a “rocky” top left bridge. Further complicating his situation were the discoloration of a front tooth previously repaired with bonding and a problematic bite on his right side, leading to discomfort and an over-reliance on one side of his mouth for chewing. With a history of dental care dating back to 1974, Stan had not been presented with modern treatment options such as dental implants by his previous dentist. This neglect had left him with a compromised dental state, affecting his ability to eat comfortably and his overall self-esteem.


Upon presentation at integratedDENTAL, it was clear that Stan’s dental health issues were multifaceted, including severe periodontal disease, failing old bridges, and multiple missing teeth. These conditions necessitated a comprehensive approach beyond addressing only the visible problems.

Treatment Plan:

integratedDENTAL’s team, led by Dr. Barbara Jurim DDS, embarked on a full mouth rehabilitation for Stan, integrating advanced digital technologies to devise a custom treatment plan. The plan included restoring his upper teeth with the “All-on-X” dental implant treatment and enhancing the lower teeth by crowning healthy ones and replacing missing and failing teeth with implant bridges. The objective was to restore Stan’s dental health to its optimal state, ensuring functionality and a natural, comfortable smile.

Digital Dentistry: Technology and Implementation

The treatment plan employed state-of-the-art technologies, including 3D digital x-rays, digital TRIOS intraoral impressions, digital photography, and digital smile design software. These tools allowed for precise treatment planning and visualization of the anticipated results.

Digital surgical implant planning software enabled the team to perform the most accurate and safe implant surgery, identifying and avoiding critical anatomical structures while ensuring optimal implant placement. Surgical guides manufactured using Sprintray 3D printers, based on the digital plan, facilitated precise implant positioning.

Following surgery, Stan was provided with an immediate prototype bridge, produced with Formlab 3D printers, to ensure comfort and function during the healing phase. The final restorations, created with a combination of digital impressioning, photogrammetry with a PiC scanner, and CAD software, offered a perfect fit and aesthetic appeal.

On-Site Dental Lab Helps Solve Challenges

A significant challenge in Stan’s case was the risk of his dental work failing imminently. The integratedDENTAL team utilized their on-site dental lab and the aforementioned technologies to quickly and effectively stabilize Stan’s dental situation, designing and manufacturing temporaries that fitted well within his facial aesthetics and provided the necessary function.


The comprehensive and technologically advanced treatment transformed Stan’s dental health and self-confidence. He now enjoys a beautiful, functional smile, free from the fear of dental failures. The problems of discomfort, inability to eat properly, and dissatisfaction with his smile have been resolved, allowing Stan to enjoy his favorite foods and smile proudly.

Quote from Dr. Barbara Jurim DDS:

“It’s incredible seeing how digital technologies have improved how we practice dentistry. The level of control it provides us—in simulating, planning, and executing treatment—it has streamlined how we get patients like Stan the smile they’ve always dreamt of in minimal time.”

This case study from integratedDENTAL not only highlights the transformative power of modern dental technology but also the comprehensive care and personalized treatment planning that restores patients’ health, function, and confidence.


If you live in Plainview, like Stan, and you’re in need of the type of advanced dental care that we offer, then give us a call to schedule a consultation. We are located at 370 Crossways Park Dr, Woodbury, NY 11797 and we are easily reached from Plainview, NY