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Advanced Digital Dental Technology – Woodbury NY

Thanks to modern medical science, we have a plethora of high-tech treatment options. Here is a rundown of some of our most innovative devices.


As digital dentists, Drs. Alan and Barbara Jurim are able to offer the comfort of digital impressions to their patients! In addition to making routine treatments much more comfortable for patients by eliminating goopy impression material that can cause them to gag, digital impressions have a number of clinical advantages.

These include streamlining treatments into fewer visits, improved precision and accuracy in results, and creating an individualized patient library that can be referenced over time to diagnose any disease as it develops.


Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) allows us to create dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays from a single block of high quality, FDA-approved ceramic material. This digital manufacturing process allows us to streamline elaborate procedures with ease and superior accuracy.

As a result, the prosthetics we make this way are more refined than those made by traditional methods. And an added benefit is if anything is lost (like your child’s retainer) or breaks (like when the family’s pet dog eats your night guard) we can replace it right away because we have the digital design files saved!


A digital panoramic x-ray captures the whole mouth in 2D in one picture using a small amount of ionizing radiation. We use this procedure frequently to forecast treatment plans for routine dentistry, tooth extractions, braces, and dentures.

A digital 3D x-ray is used to precisely digitally plan all dental implant surgeries to make sure all vital structures are avoided, enhancing the safety of these surgical procedures. You will need to wear a lead apron for protection against radiation exposure, but the treatment itself requires almost no preparation.


Many dentists use lasers to treat decay, remove lesions and bacteria, reshape gums and whiten teeth. In comparison to drills, dental lasers can cause less pain, minimize swelling and bleeding during soft tissue treatments, and sustain enamel during cavity removals.


The team at integratedDENTAL is committed to our patients’ overall well-being. As such, a routine oral cancer screening is completed during every examination using the Oral CDX system. This technology allows us to visualize suspicious areas that are not visible to the naked eye that should be more closely investigated.

When caught early, the prognosis for oral cancer is not dire and the Oral CDX helps us give our patients the best chances at healthy outcomes.


We use digital photography, inside the mouth and full face, to diagnose oral problems, design cosmetic and full mouth makeovers, communicate seamlessly with the lab, and educate patients about their conditions.