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Whiter Teeth Can Help You Appear A Better Job Candidate

When you apply for a job, you of course hope that your resume and qualifications will be the most important factors in your potential employer’s decision. Unfortunately, Americans place a lot of value on people’s physical appearance, including their smiles. Studies have shown that having white, healthy teeth has a positive effect on other people’s perception of you, including making you appear to be a better job candidate.


Pretty girl with new smile

Smiling is a crucial aspect of making a first impression. At a job interview, your potential employer expects you to have a professional appearance and to be friendly and personable – which includes smiling. Research has indicated that people with white teeth are perceived to be happier and more amiable, cleaner, healthier, and even smarter than those with less-than-perfect teeth. Having a nice set of white, healthy teeth can make you seem like you are successful, take good care of yourself, and have your life together. On the contrary, discolored teeth might suggest to your interviewer that you do not look after yourself, or even that you are lazy, which would not be a desirable trait in an employee


Putting other people’s perceptions aside, white teeth can also have a huge impact on your own self-confidence. Many adults feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their stained or discolored teeth, and not feeling confident can come across very obviously in a job interview. A job interview is your chance to sell yourself and convince your potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job. How well can you really do that if you are too embarrassed to smile confidently as you describe your experience and qualifications

Professional teeth whitening can give you a beautiful, healthy-looking smile that will boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of success in both your career and your personal life. To learn more about professional teeth whitening services, contact our office today.