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Digital Dentistry Overcomes Severe Tooth Wear and Cosmetic Challenges for Linda of Woodbury, NY

Digital Dentistry Overcomes Severe Tooth Wear and Cosmetic Challenges for Linda of Woodbury, NY

This case study showcases the transformative impact of digital dental technology on both the functionality and aesthetics of dental care. By addressing the severe wear and cosmetic concerns of a patient named Linda from Woodbury, NY, integratedDENTAL utilized state-of-the-art digital tools to meticulously plan and execute a phased treatment strategy. 

This approach not only restored Linda’s smile but also significantly enhanced her quality of life, demonstrating the power of modern dentistry to seamlessly combine beauty and function through innovative solutions.

Patient Overview:

  • Name: Linda
  • Location: Woodbury, NY
  • Main Problem: Severe chipping and wear of teeth, affecting both dental health and aesthetics.

Challenges Impacting the Patient: Tooth Wear and Chipping

Linda’s teeth had been severely worn down over time, causing a significant impact on her smile’s appearance and her oral health.

The chipping and wear led to concerns about further damage with every meal and made her look older than she felt, affecting her self-esteem and quality of life.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan:

  • Initial Steps (2017): On her first visit, a thorough examination identified severe bruxism and a non-protected occlusion as the underlying issues. Linda was provided with a customized occlusal splint, designed using digital software, to stabilize her condition and protect her teeth from further wear.
  • Phased Treatment Approach (2020): When Linda was ready to proceed, the treatment plan was staged. The top teeth were restored first, and the bottom teeth’s alignment was corrected using clear aligner therapy.
  • Final Steps (2022): Linda opted to restore her bottom teeth after noticing further wear. New crowns were designed to provide a protected occlusion, ensuring the longevity of her restorations.

Digital Dental Technologies Utilized

  • TRIOS Digital Intraoral Scanner: This tool eliminated the need for traditional impressions, capturing precise digital images of Linda’s teeth.
  • Digital Smile Design Software: Integrated with photos of Linda’s face, this software helped design a smile that enhanced her facial aesthetics.
  • 3D Printing: Multiple occlusal splints were quickly produced to protect both the interim and final restorations.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • The extended timeline of treatment required careful management. Customized splints were used at each stage to maintain stability and prevent further damage while progressing through the planned treatments.

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Functional Restoration: Linda’s full mouth rehabilitation restored the functionality of her mouth, allowing her to eat without fear of damage.
  • Cosmetic Improvement: The restoration provided a significant cosmetic enhancement, giving Linda a youthful and natural-looking smile. She particularly appreciated that the veneers did not resemble “chicklets” but looked strikingly natural.
  • Long-Term Stability: The carefully designed occlusion ensured that the new teeth would not undergo the same rapid degradation as the old ones.

Professional Reflection by Dr. Alan Jurim:

Linda’s case was challenging from the standpoint that she wanted it staged over a number of years. Executing a treatment like this over a protracted timeline can be very challenging, but we were able to use our digital tools to achieve the treatment as planned over time per Linda’s request. Her result seamlessly married beauty and function.

Digital Dentistry and Planning Result in a Complete Smile Makeover for Linda of Woodbury, NY

This case study from integratedDENTAL not only highlights the technological advancements in modern digital cosmetic dentistry but also illustrates the personalized approach and meticulous planning that goes into restoring not just a smile, but a patient’s confidence and quality of life.