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Causes Of Dry Mouth

While nervousness before a big presentation or some shocking news can make your mouth go dry, if your mouth persistently stays dry, despite drinking water or under normal circumstances, it’s quite concerning.

If you notice any dry mouth symptoms, you should contact your specialist at integratedDENTAL and Drs. Alan Jurim and Barbara Jurim at integratedDENTAL right away for a consultation. Depending on what is causing dry mouth, your dentist will suggest you an appropriate treatment immediately.

Here are some common causes behind dry mouth.

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Many medications have dry mouth as a common side effect. These can include over the counter (OTC) as well as other types of medicines. Usually, depression and anxiety medications and some pain medications commonly lead to this side effect.


Dry mouth can also be a side effect of certain health conditions. People who are diabetic or have had a stroke are often more likely to develop dry mouth. Similarly, people who have a yeast infection in their mouth, who suffer from mental issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease, or from any autoimmune diseases are more susceptible to dry mouth.


Treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, especially when it is directed in the head and neck region, also cause dry mouth. These treatments tend to temporarily or permanently affect the saliva production and flow in the mouth.


Age and lifestyle are also big factors that contribute to dry mouth. As you age and your body changes the way it processes certain medications or develops new health conditions, it leads to higher chances of developing dry mouth. Similarly, lifestyle choices such as excessive use of tobacco, smoking, alcohol, etc., can also cause dry mouth.

Simply snoring and constantly breathing with your mouth open can also lead to a dry mouth. The important part is to schedule a dental visit and consult your doctor right away if you notice persistent symptoms.