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How To Get Fillings No One Will Notice

At one time, dental patients could only get their teeth filled with amalgam or silver fillings. Unfortunately, while this filling material is durable, people easily notice it. As a result, some people did not have their teeth filled, but waited to have a more aesthetic restoration placed. Today, you can get your teeth filled with a tooth-colored resin. Therefore, any filled teeth will look completely natural when composites are placed.


Patient viewing her new smile

A tooth colored filling, known as a composite, is made of a resin of glass and plastic that closely matches the shade of your teeth. This filling is mainly placed, as noted, for aesthetic reasons. If you need to fill small cavities, composite fillings are the ideal choice. We normally apply the composite in layers and cure it with a special light. We then shape and polish the filling so it retains its color for a longer time. What is nice about tooth-colored composites is the fact they bond with the remaining tooth. As a result, they prevent damage and insulate the natural tooth.


After a composite is applied, you may notice post-operative sensitivity. You also have to be careful if you drink coffee, tea, or cola, as the beverages can slightly alter the color of the filling. We can place a clear plastic sealant over the composite to prevent a color change. While your tooth-colored filling will hold up for a long time in a small cavity, it may wear out sooner in a larger cavity.

Do you think you can benefit from a composite filling? Maybe you would like to replace your amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings. If so, ask about how you can improve your smile with these restorations. Give our Woodbury Dental Office a call or email us anytime. Let us schedule an appointment that you can work into your schedule.