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What To Do To Boost Graft Recovery Chances

If caught early, gingivitis is wholly reversible. However, as it progresses into a more severe form of periodontal disease, medical intervention may be required. One of the major signs of advanced gum disease is receding gums; once your gum tissue has been eroded away from gum disease, it cannot grow back. Gum graft surgery can restore missing gum tissue around your tooth root, improving not only your appearance but also your oral health.


Dental patient with gum recession

Gum graft surgery is a fantastic option for many patients who have receding gums. A routine procedure, recovery is straightforward and generally only takes a few days. Depending on the severity of your gum recession, we may elect to complete your entire mouth in one setting or we may decide to stretch it out over several appointments to minimize discomfort to you.

Regardless of how we approach your gum graft, it’s extremely important to take measures to ensure the success of your gum graft procedure. These five tips can improve your chances of success while simultaneously minimizing any pain you may experience after your procedure.

  • Be extra gentle when brushing. Gum graft surgery isn’t an excuse to neglect your oral health.
  • Do not brush at the site of the procedure, but you can brush other quadrants of your mouth. We will give you a special mouthwash to help disinfect your mouth and avoid plaque buildup.
  • Don’t push yourself. Take the days following your procedure as an opportunity to baby yourself. Avoid stressful situations and abstain from exercising, as it can be damaging to your gums.
  • Use cold compresses and OTC pain relief: Cold compresses can help reduce swelling and pain. You can also take over the counter NSAIDs such as ibuprofen.
  • Don’t be chatty. Talking too much after gum graft surgery can delay recovery. Avoid excessive talking to allow the surgery site to heal.
  • Enjoy soft foods. This isn’t the time to dive face-first into a bag of popcorn or carrot sticks. Stick to soft foods like yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce.

The success of your gum graft surgery is largely dependent upon you. You don’t have to recover alone; the skilled and professional dental staff at integratedDENTAL will walk you through every step of the procedure, from diagnosis to aftercare.