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Seamless Same Day Dental Implant and Crown for Ron of Westbury, NY

Digital Dentistry Enhances the Smile of an Aspiring Young Actress – Katie of Syosset, NY

Patient Overview Impact on Patient’s Life Katherine’s missing lateral incisors severely adversely affected her smile. As a young woman whose passion is the performing arts, Katherine’s smile was front and center and affecting her acting career. Comprehensive Dental Treatment Plan The plan for Katherine was to provide her with fixed “temporary” teeth which she wouldn’t […]

Digital Dentistry Overcomes Severe Tooth Wear and Cosmetic Challenges for Linda of Woodbury, NY

This case study showcases the transformative impact of digital dental technology on both the functionality and aesthetics of dental care. By addressing the severe wear and cosmetic concerns of a patient named Linda from Woodbury, NY, integratedDENTAL utilized state-of-the-art digital tools to meticulously plan and execute a phased treatment strategy.  This approach not only restored […]