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Wisdom Teeth Pain, Symptoms And Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Pain, Symptoms And Extraction

We all grew up believing we have 32 teeth. However, what many people don’t know is that not everyone has the jaw capacity to accommodate 32 teeth. They are the third molars situated at the very end of the jaw, and these late-emerging teeth can cause substantial problems in the dental structure. WISDOM TEETH PAIN […]

Causes Of Dry Mouth

While nervousness before a big presentation or some shocking news can make your mouth go dry, if your mouth persistently stays dry, despite drinking water or under normal circumstances, it’s quite concerning. If you notice any dry mouth symptoms, you should contact your specialist at integratedDENTAL and Drs. Alan Jurim and Barbara Jurim at integratedDENTAL […]

Whiter Teeth Can Help You Appear A Better Job Candidate

When you apply for a job, you of course hope that your resume and qualifications will be the most important factors in your potential employer’s decision. Unfortunately, Americans place a lot of value on people’s physical appearance, including their smiles. Studies have shown that having white, healthy teeth has a positive effect on other people’s […]

Water Flossers Can Make A Huge Impact To Your Oral Health

When you floss your teeth, you are making strides toward healthier gums and teeth. A water flosser can also help rinse away the debris that can lead to oral health complaints. By using water, you are using an effective method, as the water serves as a soft “power wash” that efficiently removes food particles and […]

Do Not Rely On Excuses To Avoid Caring For Your Oral Health

Oral hygiene is an essential component in ensuring better overall health. Therefore, you need to be extra careful in matters of oral care. Some patients may avoid dental visits due to specific phobias, while others may bring up one excuse or another to avoid seeing a dentist. All the same, we reiterate that dental care […]

What Happens To Your Tooth Enamel If You Brush Too Roughly?

It might seem like the best thing to do to take care of your oral hygiene is to brush your teeth as roughly as possible to get out all the bacteria, debris, and plaque. In fact, the harder you brush, the more counterproductive it becomes to get your teeth clean and sustain the ideal oral […]

Why Do So Few Adults Ask About Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants protect against cavities and decay by “sealing” the grooves and pits of your teeth, keeping out bits of food and debris that can lead to plaque buildup. They are usually recommended for children and teenagers, so most adults assume that adults either cannot get them or do not need them. However, adults can […]

Is Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Really That Different?

Both alcohol-based mouthwash and alcohol-free mouthwash serve the same purpose: they remove harmful bacteria and food particles from the patient’s mouth. However, the presence of alcohol yields a variety of undesirable side-effects. In addition, many different types of alcohol-free mouthwashes can be geared towards addressing a specific issue, such as bad breath or sensitive gums. […]

Most Recognizable Symptoms Of Prolonged Sleep Apnea

Struggling with sleep apnea for a short time may leave you tired and a bit cranky. However, when you struggle with sleep apnea for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to other problems. Prolonged sleep deprivation can make you a danger to be around in certain circumstances. Here are a few symptoms you […]

Signs You Have A Tooth Infection

Tooth infections affecting a small section of your dentition can send ripples of pain across your mouth, face, or your entire body. If left untreated, the infection can degenerate into more serious dental problems, or spread across various parts of your body, leaving behind a trail of havoc. Tooth infection, also called a tooth abscess, […]