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Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implants – Woodbury, NY

Dental implants are prosthetics that replace missing teeth which do not come in and out of the mouth. Because they mimic the functions of the entire tooth and are not removable like uncomfortable dentures, they are a highly successful and popular treatment option. We also offer implant-supported bridges as a cost-effective way to replace multiple missing and/or broken down teeth at once.


Regardless of how many teeth they’re replacing, dental implants have multiple advantages over other treatment options.

Implants Improve Function and Support

The most important difference is that implants have the look and function of natural teeth while not relying on adjacent teeth for support. Alternative tooth replacement options, like removable partial dentures or fixed bridges, can damage the supporting dentition. Tooth-supported bridges require cement to hold them in place. It can get washed out of the mouth over time, leading bacteria to erode the teeth holding the bridge in place. Partial dentures stay in place by clasping onto teeth, which can cause the teeth to loosen over time. They can also shift, preventing you from comfortably chewing certain foods.


We only use FDA-approved dental implants. They are made of titanium because it is biocompatible. This means that the body responds favorably to it instead of attacking it as a hostile substance. The implant bonds with the jawbone and eventually grows together with it. This process is known as osseointegration.

Once the implant bonds with the jawbone, it will provide stimulation just like a tooth root would. This will prevent the jawbone from atrophying, which is what happens when a missing tooth isn’t replaced. Dentures don’t have this effect because they rest on top of the jaws and don’t penetrate deep down.

Implants Preserve Smiles

If you opt for a fixed bridge or a removable partial denture, your gums and bone can recede where we place them and form a visible deformity. If the bone underlying these prosthetics collapses, it can compromise your overall smile. Implants, however, will preserve your smile, adding a level of longevity, functionality and comfort that other options cannot match.


The first thing your specialist at integratedDENTAL will do is surgically place the implant posts in the jawbone. We’ll need to wait two to six months for the osseointegration process to complete. We’ll install temporary crowns on top of the posts in the meantime.

Once the implants have bonded with your jawbone, we’ll uncover them and put on temporary healing caps. To finish the structure we’ll put the final crowns on. This is followed by a healing period that lasts a few weeks.

Finally, your specialist at integratedDENTAL will affix the replacement bridges to the metal abutments. You’ll soon get accustomed to the bridges and you will regain the ability to speak and eat normally.

Each set of bridges is custom-made for each patient’s mouth because we personalize a treatment plan for each individual patient. We’ll help you through each step of the procedure. Let us know right away if you have any concerns or complications.


We offer implant placement plans that are finished in only one stage, in which we place an implant with the extension piece attached in advance. If your situation permits it, we can perform some of the steps in the procedure simultaneously. We will take your wants and needs into account and help you make the best choice.