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Custom Fit Dentures

Custom Fit Dentures – Woodbury, NY

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that are meant to replace lost teeth and provide support for the cheeks and lips. They are the most traditional and well-known tooth restoration technique.


Most dentures are made of acrylic. They are divided into conventional dentures and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are fabricated after all of the patient’s teeth are removed, and the gums have finished healing. Immediate dentures are crafted before the teeth are removed and then placed immediately after the teeth are removed so the underlying tissues can heal.

There are also differences between the designs for upper dentures and lower dentures. Dentures meant for the upper jaw cover the palate with flesh-colored acrylics. Lower dentures are horseshoe-shaped and have a space for the tongue. But the prosthetic teeth in both are made of porcelain, plastic or a combination of these. Suction or dental adhesives hold the dentures in place.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, we can fabricate dentures that resemble normal teeth in appearance and function, allowing you to chew, speak and smile the way you used to. These customized dentures restore your quality of life, increasing your confidence and decreasing your anxiety.


Each patient is unique. No two mouths are alike. For that reason, we craft each partial denture based on the needs of each patient so that it covers as many gaps as possible. Clasps are used to attach these partial dentures to nearby natural teeth.

These partials complete the smile by filling up spaces between the remaining teeth. This will prevent natural teeth from moving out of position and will help you bite and chew normally.

These customized dentures improve your facial appearance and self-esteem, giving you all the benefits of a healthy smile.


Nine out of every ten dentures made in America are made from plastic or resin. The truth is, dentures made from resin wear out more quickly. Porcelain is a better option because of its durability. We design the dentures with a few minor imperfections to give them a more natural appearance.

When making dentures, we take impressions of your gums and record the movements of the muscles in your tongue, cheeks, and lips. This is to ensure the denture will fit, bite, and chew properly before we craft and install it.

We will also measure how your jaw moves so that when we craft the denture it will fit with the natural shape of your jaw. A computer program allows us to test the bite to see where and how the teeth align with each other. This will allow us to adjust the denture so that it balances out properly.


Dentures and partial dentures do in fact, wear out over time, so you will need to have them replaced or readjusted so that the jaw stays properly aligned. Your jawbone is stimulated by the roots of your teeth, but this stops once your teeth are gone. The jawbone will then start to deteriorate and the gums will recede, changing the alignment of the jaw.

We recommend getting your dentures adjusted once every three years to ensure they fit the way they should. This is in addition to your regular dental check-ups where we examine your mouth for gum disease, decay, and other complications.

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