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Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns At integratedDENTAL – Woodbury, NY

With the digital technologies available at integratedDENTAL we are able to provide our patients with the convenience of streamlined predictable treatments completed in just one visit! Teeth that are cracked, chipped, worn, fractured, or decayed may need crowns, and we use cutting-edge technology like milling machines and 3D printers to provide these services to our patients the same day.

Digital Means Fewer Appointments

The traditional procedure for crowns involves two appointments, in between which you wear a temporary crown while a dental laboratory is manufacturing the final restoration.

Because of the digital systems available in our office, we also offer a procedure that allows you to get a crown installed in one appointment instead of two! This procedure takes a few hours, but it allows you to forego the temporary crown and skip the waiting period because we craft and place your new crown all in one visit.


If you need dental work done, you should consider having crowns installed. Other forms of tooth restoration can’t match the quality of the fabrication techniques used for crowns.

Crowns are made of porcelain and/or zirconia, materials that are both strong a remarkably lifelike. The substances used for crowns resemble the color and shade of your regular teeth so that onlookers won’t tell the difference. These ceramic materials reflect light just like normal teeth to give you a shiny smile. It is particularly important for the front teeth to have a highly cosmetic appearance since they feature prominently when you smile.


Your crowns require proper oral care in the form of daily brushing and flossing. Also, remember to eat a balanced diet. Refrain from eating hard food, chewing hard objects like ice and pens, and using your teeth to open the plastic packaging and things of that nature. If you take good care of your crowns, they can last for many years.


Your newly crowned tooth might feel a bit sensitive or uncomfortable as the anesthesia is wearing off. In such cases, we often prescribe a special kind of toothpaste that reduces sensitivity. Also, contact us if you suffer pain when biting down, as this may indicate that the crown needs to be adjusted.

Crowns made partially or completely of porcelain can chip, and that is why it is essential for patients who grind to wear a nightguard to prevent damage to their crown(s).

If the tooth under the crown decays, this can cause the crown to come off. Crowns can also loosen if the cement underneath it gets washed out. Not only that, but bacteria can enter the gap that is formed. If the decay under a crown is severe, then the tooth may need a root canal, post and core build-up before placement of a new crown.